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Contact info for state and usda official inspected establishments pdf. Modernization of poultry slaughter inspection microbiological sampling of raw poultry this guidance document is designed to help small and very small poultry slaughter establishments comply with the new microbiological sampling and analysis requirements that apply to all official poultry slaughter establishments, except for establishments that. Unless it is a municipal source, water samples must be tested and meet the drinking water. Inspectors must be fully acquainted with the plants physical layout. Poultry handling and transportation manual3 t here is a commitment within the poultry industry and with individual companies to address poultry welfare. Limitations upon entry of poultry products and other materials into official establishments. If you are interested in state inspection, or have any questions regarding the. Chapter 438 meat and poultry products inspection act.

Under the poultry products inspection act ppia, fsis provides inspection for all poultry products sold in interstate commerce, and reinspects imported products to ensure that they meet u. Consider the elements of writing that are included in each underlined portion of the passage. The fmia and the ppia require that packages of meat and poultry products bear an accurate statement of the quantity of their contents in terms of weight. Inspection of egg products takes place in sanitary facilities under continuous inspection by fsis. Some questions will ask you to base your decision on some specific element of writing, such as the tone or emphasis the. By regulation, fsis has defined domesticated birds as chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, and guinea fowl. Fsis administers the federal meat inspection act fmia 21 u.

The numbers in brackets refer to the corresponding section in title 21, united states code. This act also made mandatory the inspection of all poultry products intended for interstate commerce and thus subject to federal control. An actual act english test contains 75 questions to be answered in 45 minutes. The 1957 poultry products inspection act, as amended. Violations of the pertinent statutes, such as the wholesome meat act, the poultry products inspection act, the federal meat inspection act, and the food, drug, and cosmetic act, are strict liability crimes, meaning that the government does not need to prove that a food processor knew that a product was adulterated in order to prevail in a prosecution. Inspection requirements of the poultry products inspection act. The department of agricultures regulation of poultry. This guidance does not address exemptions related to livestock product e. To demonstrate mastery of rules of practice, the trainee will. Category 2 establishments have results from their most recent completed sample set that are. Inspection act of 1906 formed part of an appropriations measure, and it covered only the red meats pork, beef, lamb, and other nonpoultry sources of meat, not including seafood. Identify subject matter in the federal meat inspection act fmia, and poultry products. Federal and state cooperation in development and administration of state poultry product inspection programs. The 1957 wholesome poultry products act public law 90 492, which is commonly referred to as the poultry products inspection act ppia1 was passed by congress to ensure that only wholesome poultry that is not 1 a copy of the poultry product inspection act can be accessed by browsing the fsis home page at.

Inspection act fmia, the poultry products inspection act ppia, and the regulations implementing these laws. Guidance for determining whether a poultry slaughter or. Chapter 438 meat and poultry products inspection act table of contents. Subpart l handling and disposal of condemned or other inedible products at official establishments 381. It required both antemortem inspection to the extent deemed necessary by the usda secretary and postmortem inspection of all birds slaughtered for such shipments, and sanitation inspection of all plants processing such products usda, 1984b. Meat and poultry inspection the national agricultural law center. Practice and crs report 98242, committee jurisdiction and referral. Documents such as the fsis directives, fsis notices, and the meat and poultry inspection mpi manual provide inspection personnel with specific instructions and policies to help them enforce the laws and regulations. The egg products regulations that federally inspected plants must meet to produce wholesome, not adulterated product, that is properly packaged and labeled are found in 9 cfr 590. All segments of the poultry supply chain accept the responsibility of humane poultry handling and minimizing stress to the birds during catching, loading, transporting, unloading and processing. In 1907 the federal meat inspection act fmia10 was enacted as independent legislative act, but was identical in substance to the 1906 measure. Be aware of the writing style used in each passage. Egg products training egg products inspection verification. Connecticut meat and poultry products inspection act.

All meat and poultry slaughter plants must regularly test carcasses for generic. Nation, and conduct the majority of food products testing for bacteriological or. Ipp should retake the inspection methods course test as soon as. In addition, this guidance material can serve as a quick reference for federal and state inspection personnel who have questions about whether a poultry operation qualifies for a exemption in the ppia. Poultry products inspection act how is poultry products. Federal register determining net weight compliance for. The maine meat and poultry inspection mmpi program exists to protect the health.

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